Anemia refers to major variation in red blood cells due to which blood losescapability to carry iron and oxygen. Anemia can also take place during pregnancy and disbalances the functioning of muscles and nerves. There may be different cause of Anemia during pregnancy, said Dr. Garima Tyagi, Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. Dr. Garima engaged in gynecology since years in Shree Narayan Hospital and handled numerous of cases of Anemia. Different causes of Anemia are:

1- Lack of iron and vitamins

While women are pregnant, their volume of blood in the body boosts. To stay balanced or maintaining blood circulation and producing enough amount of red blood cells, iron and vitamins in the body are needed to be increased.  Therefore,  if body does not have enough iron or vitamins in the body, this results in Anemia.

2- No red blood cells storage

Child in the womb utilizes red blood cells in order to stimulate his/her growth and survival or development in the last stage of pregnancy. However, this process follows with the help of stored red blood cells in the bone marrow. This lack of storage of red blood cells is due to iron-deficiency. It is recommended to take good nutrition before getting pregnant for storage purpose.

3- Lack of Vitamin B12

Pregnancy is the most sensitive stage in every woman’s  life and having proper diet is significant during this delicate condition. Sometimes lack of Vitamin B12 and protein cause Anemia during pregnancy. To avoid such complication it is recommended to take balanced diet consisting of egg, milk, meat, poultry etc to keep the sufficientamount of Vitamin B12 and protein in the body.

4- Folate deficiency

Folate or folic acid promotes growth of cell in the body, iron deficiency or folate deficiency may take place due to lack of folic acid during pregnancy. Also, folate deficiency may cause defect in the child’s brain or spinal cord.

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