Dr. Garima Tyagi

“For some women, menstruation has always been difficult reason being cramping, bloating, heavy bleeding or irritation, but some women never think of what must be the reason?, they keep tolerating the pain during menstruation” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Further, conversing about painful menstruation, Dr. Garima Tyagi, Gynecologist in Ghaziabad practicing Gynecology in Shree Narayan Hospital at Ghaziabad suggested

Women should not tolerate this kind of pain for long instead they should consult their doctor in aspect of cause for such pain.

There might be different cause.


Endometriosis refers to a situation where endometriosis take place around other structures instead of pelvis along with bladders, fallopian tubes, lung, liver, ovaries and few others. However, the movement or removal of endometrium lead to pelvic pain, especially during menstruation. Sometimes displacement or movement of endometrium cause internal bleeding, filling of cysts with blood or inflammation.

Uterine Fibroids

Fibroid refers to a body element which is often microscopic in size. In some women fibroid boost into large element and distort the shape of uterus, this cause heavy bleeding and troubling pain during menstruation reason being presence of large blood clots in the body.

Copper IUD

Copper IUD refers to a birth control which prevent pregnancy for next 10 years. This practice of controlling or preventing pregnancy results in heavier menstruation and severe pain during menses. However, it is recommended to regularly go for check up regarding severe pain, there might be another reason of pain.


Adenomyosis is opposite of Endometriosis, in other words, Adenomyosis is a situation where  endometrium take place within the uterine muscles. If you’re suffering pain during menstruation or during sexual intercourse, this may be the reason.

Uterine defect

During the development of fetus, uterine of child develop from mullerian ducts, however, if the uterine do not form correctly, this cause infertility, severe pain in menstruation or complications during intercourse. Menstrual pain happens due to dividing sources of uterine and vagina.

These were the various cause of painful menstruation. It is recommended to do not avoid severe pain during menstruation, it might be due to some serious complication. Dr. Garima suggests to see your doctor immediately if heavier bleeding seem to come in observance or pain beyond a limit.

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