“Pregnancy is one of the important stages in women’s lives. There are numerous ups and downs which come in during this period. However, not every up and down is unfavorable, says Dr. Garima Tyagi. Further, Dr. Garima added “there are facts about pregnancy which are logical but so are the myths. In this situation, women should not believe these myths.” Dr. Garima Tyagi is one of the top ten Gynecologists in Ghaziabad practicing gynecology for over 25 years at Shree Narayan Hospital.

Morning Sickness

“According to Gynecology, morning sickness is not only a kind of sickness or queasiness that women feel in the morning during pregnancy. Morning sickness happens when your stomach is empty and thus, can happen anytime” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Therefore, it is a myth to say “morning sickness is really a ‘Morning time sickness during this s.’ Another myth related to morning sickness is that “it has observed that morning sickness does not go away till the second trimester. Though, according to pregnancy books, it has supposed to end by the first trimester.”

Every hormonal change is favorable

During pregnancy, women face some favorable hormonal changes in them. True, hormonal changes in women’s bodies during pregnancy result in favorable beauty changes. However, according to Gyane in Indirapuram, “the above statement is a myth. During the situation, a woman comes into observance with some unfavorable beauty changes such as dark circles, moles, acne, linea nigra and so on.” Moreover, in some cases, all these unfavorable beauty changes tend to disappear after delivery.

Your partner can feel your pain

Pregnancy is such a sensitive stage in every woman’s life. Women need to give up on many things due to pregnancy which might cause her heart to feel ‘at little bad or discriminated.’ Well, it has said that all you go through during pregnancy, your partner can feel the same. However, this is a myth. Undoubtedly, no man can understand the pain that women go through pregnancy either it’s physical pain or mental stress.

Labor is less time taking

Labor is one of the difficult stages of pregnancy. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi “women who are first timers tend to take 3 to 4 hours during the pushing process. Indeed, It takes less time when it’s your 2nd or 3rd baby reason being the body has already been gone through the similar process before”. Therefore, labor is less time taking is a myth.

Experience is similar for all

Every woman has her own story. Every woman comes into observance to such dissimilar time and experiences and can rarely relate. Therefore, every women’s experience is similar is a myth.

This is a range of myths that women should not believe about pregnancy. Dr. Garima Tyagi says “not all women bodies are same and thus, everyone feels different during pregnancy. Any rare or too uncommon stuff come into observance during this situation is worth an immediate contact to your Gynecologist.”

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