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It takes the time to tone up your body post pregnancy. It is possible only if you follow the instructions of your obstetrician/gynecologist after pregnancy and if you are dedicate enough to get back in shape. Dr. Garima Tyagi is one of the most trusted gynecologists in Ghaziabad who suggests ladies the right diet and exercises post pregnancy to regain the old shape of the body. Following are some of the changes that occur in your body after you deliver a newborn:

Post Pregnancy Changes in Body

1.Belly size

You expected it to turn back to its normal size after delivery? Well, it happens not that fast. It is a slow process that usually takes about 6-8 weeks before the uterus is back to its pregnancy size. You ought to follow the instructions of your doctor on diet and exercise in order to get back to normal.

2.Show size

Well, you were wrong if you only expected changes in the mid-section of your body. You forgot that apart from the belly, it is the size of your feet which increases too. Yes, the feet swell after pregnancy and after the baby is born, you may have a different shoe size permanently which may be up to half an inch bigger.

3.Hair loss

Your hair becomes heavier and shinier during pregnancy because the level of estrogen increases at that time. But after pregnancy, your hair needs to match up with the lower level of estrogen by falling out.

Dr Garima Tyagi is an experienced obstetrician/gynecologist who practices at Shree Narayan Hospital in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad. The hospital offers a wide range of services to meet your health needs. Their main concern is for providing their patients with what they deserve and that is the best quality care in a caring environment. The dedicate medical staff is support by a team of experienced health professionals that provide both inpatient and outpatient health services. Their emergency department offers service 24-hours a day, seven days a week, to patients of all age. Garima Tyagi along with her husband Dr Vipul Tyagi (psychiatrist) has a good reputation in Indirapuram.

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