Dr.garima tyagi
Dr. gariam Tyagi
Getting pregnant is the best thing that can happen to a married woman. Pregnancy is the phase when the women need to take care of themselves more than ever. This is because at this time there is another life which needs proper care says Dr Garima Tyagi.

Sometimes the women are given different kinds of advice from other ladies of the family or acquaintances. Most of the advises given are only misconceptions or myths which should not be paid heed to.

Some of them are so much ingrained into the minds of the people that they have been followed blindly for generations. Sometimes it is only co incidence that such happenings happen and the belief on such myths gets stronger.

Actually there is no basis on which these myths are formed and these are only spread via hearsay. Such blind beliefs lead to more complications which should be avoided is the opinion of this best gynaecologist in Ghaziabad. It is more important to follow the doctor on the diet pattern, exercise and the like.

There is a myth that the pregnant woman needs to eat for two but it is only half truth. The body needs extra nutrition for the foetus but not in the amount of an adult but only the right kind and amount. So an extra of about 300-350 calories would suffice. Also you can exercise but only on the recommendation of an expert.

Regarding the gender of the baby it does not depend on the shape of your belly or some other symptoms during pregnancy like heartburn, rate of heartbeat, acne or any other thing.

It is also believed that having sex during pregnancy can harm the baby. No it is not true feels Dr Garima Tyagi Indirapuram. If yours is a normal pregnancy and the doctor has not advised you against it then it is safe to have sex. Yes, both the partners consent is really important and if you are comfortable with it there is nothing wrong in having sex during this time.

There may be many myths spread but for a safe delivery happy pregnancy times it is advisable to avoid believing in these age old myths.

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