dr garima tyagi

Giving birth to a whole new life or we can say a whole new individual is an experience of magic in the real world. Being a mother is something that changes the entire life of a woman, changes not only in daily life but also in her own body. Breastfeeding is known to be the most incomparable activity done after the full session of pregnancy. No doubt breastfeeding is an alluring ordeal for every woman but also comes up with various unexpected changes in body and breasts.

dr garima tyagi

Gynecologist in Ghaziabad, Shri Narayana Hospital, Dr. Garima Tyagi suggested some simple ways deal with these breast variances:


1. Breast self- analysis


Breastfeeding generally lead woman to many problems which are just some remedial changes and not medical concerns. Through these changes aren’t a real medical concern but it’s essential to lock your breast health through regular screening tests. Breast self- analyze refers to the examining your breast every month while breastfeeding. Also, it is suggested to take a look on your breast after you stop breastfeeding as there will be a transfigure in them. If any unusual discharge or lumps come into observance make sure from your doctor that it doesn’t lead to any serious complication. Otherwise, lumps could be a symptom of breasts cancer.


2. Automatic shrinking


While feeding, the stretching in your breast skin and tissues could be the cause of the flow of milk during breastfeeding. Dr. Garima Tyagi says that the shrinking of the milk-producing system will lead to the reshaping of the breast as they were automatically. There is no medical concern in this situation. Sagging of Breast could also be because of BMI, aging or smoking.


3. Breast Engorgement effects cures with time


Breasts being independent of each other it’s normal that if the change took place in one breast would also take in the other one. Breast engorgement may leave one breast slightly different than the other one. Should contact a doctor if there will be any tightening or scratching over the breast, this could be underneath lump.


4. Stay relaxed and calm


Overly worrying can cause your breast milk into milk ducts. It mostly happens due to release of hormones when you feeds or also just by hearing your baby cry.  Try not to stress as possible as you can. Relaxing will help in the easy flow of milk and make it healthier.


Moreover, it is always prescribed to not to give up feeding your child earlier due to the changes taking place. Indeed,  Dr Garima Tyagi says that it is studied that the women who breastfeed always have a lower risk of breast cancer than the women who don’t.

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