“At all stages of pregnancy, you come into the exposure of numerous of weird or uncommon actions in your body, ‘Cramps’ is one of them. However, Cramps during Pregnancy are normal during pregnancy and do not hold any major concern”said by Dr. Garima Tyagi. Dr. Garima Tyagi suggested “immediate communication with the Gynae should be taken into consideration if cramping seems abnormal”. Dr. Garima Tyagi is prominently known among top 10 Gynecologist in Indirapuram, sits at Shree Narayan Hospital.
Cramps during Pregnancy


Why do cramps happen?

During pregnancy, a woman comes into the exposure of stages when muscles of uterus contracts due to which cramps take place. Cramping starts from the very first trimester of pregnancy when fertilized egg starts implanting and uterus grows. Cramping is unusual when it accompanied by bleeding. In such circumstances, immediate contact to Gynecologist is essential as this can be a miscarriage or premature labor.

Braxton Hicks’ contractions

In the early stage of the second trimester, pregnant women come into the exposure of practice contractions prominently known as ‘Braxton Hicks contractions.’ This kind of contraction does not cause any harm. According to Dr. Garima Tyagi “Braxton Hicks Contraction happens because of tightening of muscles of the uterus for not more than a minute, these contractions are more painful than another kind of contractions.”

Round Ligament pain

Round ligament pain isn’t contraction or cramping. It is a sharp pain in either groin or abdominal area during pregnancy. Such pain happens due to constant stretching of the ligament in the outskirts of the belly. This continues for a few minutes and stays harmless.

What can you do?

Cramping does not last long than quite a few minutes. This can go away faster if women rest more in spite of moving back and forth during cramping. Another trick to make cramping relax is drinking lots of water. During the third trimester, you may go for a bath with warm water and usage of maternity belts or clothes to avoid cramping.

This is a description to ‘cramping during pregnancy.’ Dr. Garima Tyagi said“if any kind of bleeding, water discharge, unusual pain (with continues more than a minute), comes into observance, immediate contact to your Gynecologist is significant.” For more information, you can contact Dr Garima Tyagi at 092120 74533.


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