Cramps during pregnancy

Dr. Garima Tyagi opinated “Cramping can be normal or cramping can be a serious issues depending upon the amount of pain you are facing.”Dr. Garima Tyagi is the best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. She has been practicing gynecology in numerous of hospitals and Shree Narayana Hospital is the most prominent of them. Dr. Garima Tyagi holds years of experience and specialization in high-risk pregnancy cases. Today, She described us that “How cramping during pregnancy might be a serious issue? Or what could be the reasons of it.”

Issues related to cramps during pregnancy-

  • Ectopic Pregnancy

    Any kind of ignorance during pregnancy and lead your normal healthy pregnancy to high-risk pregnancy. However, Ectopic pregnancy is one of the high-risk pregnancy. Under, Ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg instead of implanting inside the uterus implants outside of it. The major symptom of ectopic pregnancy is “painful cramping” and can be dangerous to mother as well as kid in the womb.

  • Preeclampsia

    Painful cramping can be normal sometimes but sometimes may be the symptom of serious issues. Under Cramping, one must contact her gynecologist immediately. Painful cramping can also be the reason of Preeclampsia. Preeclampsia takes place or described as a condition where the body holds high blood pressure along with severe amount of protein in the urine.  Preeclampsia usually causes severe pain in upper abdomen.

  • Preterm Labor

    Preterm labor consists of a condition where there is need of a premature delivery due to the dilution of cervix before 37 weeks of pregnancy. However, cervix dilution might be identified if the women come into observance of boosted blood pressure, abdominal pain and painful cramping.

  • Miscarriage

    Severe cramping and vaginal bleeding are the major signs of miscarriage. However, a sharp or mild pregnancy might be the signs of healthy pregnancy but in the case of vaginal bleeding along with severe cramping will only be because of miscarriage. So, if you come in observance of vaginal bleeding along with cramping, contact your gynecologist immediately.

  • Placental Abruption

    Under pregnancy, placenta is not supposed to separate from the uterus before delivery. Indeed, if unfortunately, placenta separates from the uterus before delivery creates a life threatening issue for baby as well as the mother. Painful cramping beyond a limit is the major signal to Placenta abruption.

These were the various issues due to which cramping may take place or can also be taken as a sign/ symptom for these high-risk pregnancy issues. In order to be at the safest side during pregnancy Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests to immediately contact to Gynecologist if heavy bleeding come in observance. To avoid cramping or other issues women can ask for a balance diet to her gynecologist or dietitian.

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