In general, a person needs to follow healthy diet practices for a better and wholesome life. Especially it is seen women do not follow such practices but this takes a toll on their health. Then what are the diets that women should take for a healthy living?Dr. Garima Tyagi says there are various kinds of food groups and consuming food from all these groups constitute to be a healthy and balanced diet which is the basis of good health. Including some portions of food daily from vegetables, fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, dairy products with low-fat content, and lean protein can be termed as balanced diet as well as generally constituted to be healthy food.


All these nutrients are found in the daily food we eat and including these in the diet can be labeled as eating right. But do women eat right? Not many women do so. This affects the general health of the women. Usually, women lead a busy life looking after their families. Many also do a lot of physical work and the body needs strength to do all the chores. Unless the body is supplemented with these kinds of nutrient-rich food it can be prone to the attack of some diseases.

Including foods like bread or roti made of whole grains like wheat, oats, bajra, jowar, along with rice dish cooked with brown rice and a dash of vegetables that are not overcooked and topped with yoghurt, milk or some other low fat dairy product servings in your daily diet can go a long way in keeping women healthy. Besides these do not forget to add some protein to your food which can be got from lean meat, eggs, legumes, seafood, seed, and nuts. A dessert is a must after every meal. Why not rope in some fresh fruits into it so that your intake of food will culminate in a balanced diet is the opinion of the top 10 gynecologists in Ghaziabad.

Apart from this the women also need to take care that they are not missing out on the intake of vital vitamins and mineral salts. Iron, calcium, and folic acid are really important for a woman. These kinds of food preparation a woman well for the pregnancy stage and childbirth says one of the best gynecologists in Indirapuram. And most women aspire to experience motherhood. So it is a must to have a healthy body to give birth to a healthy baby. This makes it imperative for the women to take a good diet that is rich in all the above-said nutrients.

Another point to be remembered is the diet should be balanced with the physical activities that a woman does. A woman who works hard needs to even up the energy lost due to this with good food supplements to replenish what she has lost. This will help her stay strong and healthy. A woman with less physical work needs to limit her portions so that there is no unnecessary weight gain which is again detrimental to good health.

Following these diet practices will always keep a woman hale and healthy.



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