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“Women should not take the planning for baby as a normal thing reason being there are different things that must be taken into concern before getting pregnant to ensure that you will conceive in a healthy way” pointed Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad practicing Gynecology for over 25 years at Shree Narayan hospital. Dr. Garima tyagi’s specialization lies in high-risk pregnancies. Conversing upon the period before getting pregnant she suggested some factors to be taken into concern if any woman is planning for baby.

  1. Smoking

    “Women do not take smoking as a serious concern during pregnancy but it is already proved in a study that smoking cause mental health of child” said Dr. Garima Tyagi, but she continued  “But smoking is as harmful before pregnancy as it is during pregnancy because smoking before pregnancy holds the risk of birth of stillborn baby or premature delivery. Also if woman is patient of diabetes then smoking may increases the level of physical problem in the baby such as heart disease, and other internal organ issues.

  2. Physical Fitness

    “Physical fitness is as significant before getting pdr garima tyagi reviewsregnant as during it, women must take physical fitness into accounts when they are planning for baby because women who are weak, too thin, overweight holds the risk of miscarriage. On the other hand, being physically active before getting pregnant relieves stress, maintains blood pressure and cholesterol, improves strength of body and muscles and one can conceive healthy if she is physically active.

  3. Vitamins and Minerals

    Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “women should start taking folic acid at least one month before getting pregnant reason being folic acid is one of the most significant vitamins women take during and before pregnancy as it is protection against baby’s health and helps in growth of baby in the womb.”

  4. Alcohol“Alcohol is one of the most dangerous drink to consume, while you are pregnant or planning for baby because alcohol result in imbalanced growth of baby. It can cause your baby to born with lifelong physical or mental medical issues” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Women should avoid alcohol totally during and before pregnancy.
  5. Targeting Blood Glucose Level

    “Blood glucose level keep changing while you are pregnant or trying to get a baby. However, women with diabetes should target their blood glucose level on daily basis and can ask her gynecologist that which glucose level is accurate for her.

These were the factors to be taken into concern by every women if she is planning for baby. Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “In order to being at safe side, women are advised to concern their gynecologist before getting pregnancy and start working upon physical health to conceive a healthy baby.”

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