Most women aspire to experience motherhood by delivering her own child. This wish of several women does get fulfilled. But do many women who get pregnant know about safety tips for pregnancy.Some women are counselled by their mothers or other elder women in their house or even in the neighborhood during this time. This is a good thing and is followed in many communities. But many a time some myths also prevail. These women may be following these myths and this practice is passed on to their kith and kin. Giving good advice and offering some good tips is good for the mother and the babe.

However, some tips may not augur well for this duo feels Dr. Garima Tyagi. Always get to know about any subject from the expert says prudence. So this is true for safe pregnancy also. Yes, your elderly at home may have given you some tips and some dos and don’ts about your pregnancy from day 1. But always confirm these with the specialist during a visit.

The tips may be regarding some food items or some other practice. So these days instead of blindly following some age-old customs it is advisable to consult an expert. If in case, you blindly follow some of the tips you may be harming the baby and even your health. Once the harm is done it cannot be reversible and many a time you may have to face some dire circumstances like the pregnancy ending in a miscarriage. Then sometimes the chances of conceiving again also become dim.

So take some tips from the expert always to be on the safer side. So what kind of safety tips will the gynecologist give to the pregnant woman. Let us find out about this from one of the best gynecologists in Ghaziabad.

It is not advisable to skip meals at any time especially the breakfast and always eat healthy food that has a lot of fiber. This helps you stay healthy and it is important to stay so.

  • Exercise regularly on the advice of your gynec. Laziness is not for a pregnant woman nor overexertion.
  • Don’t do tasks that can be risky and don’t lift heavy items. This can cause a permanent damage to you and your baby.
  • You may have to change certain habits but do your regular chores and stay normal. Don’t overdo anything as it can be harmful.
  • Have a control on your cravings and if they are too severe and out of your control do consult your gynec.
  • Go for the regular checkup and follow the doctor’s advice for a safe and normal delivery.

These are just a few tips for a safe pregnancy period but your doctor may give you a few more that are more specific to your case. Following these tips, you can be sure of giving birth safely to a healthy baby and you too can stay healthy both physically, mentally and emotionally. This is really important as this phase is really a draining one in more ways than one.

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