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Mothers need to stay healthy to keep their babies healthy. This a fact that every mother needs to know and be aware of.  Just after birth the mother may feel a little weak and then the just born may be a little troublesome. In such a situation the mother may not get enough time for herself.

But citing this reason the mother cannot neglect her health especially when she is lactating. She needs to take care of her health more so than before. Her health is as much important as that of the baby says Dr. Garima Tyagi the best gynecologist in Ghaziabad.

All the precautions that the doctor or the gynecologist has suggested have to be followed without any fail. Only when the mother is hale and hearty she can look after the baby well.

Taking care of good health means she needs to take good nutrition because she has to get nutrition for herself and also her infant. The mother needs to keep herself neat and tidy too. The baby may dirty the clothes of the mother then she needs to change them and at least wash or shower twice daily.

If such hygiene is followed there is less chance of catching some infection for the mother as well as the baby. Feeding the babe is the best way to keep it healthy and for that, the mother needs to keep herself in good health following all these regimens for hygiene as well as staying healthy.

The child after birth until the age of 5 needs to be vaccinated so that it is safe from the attack of some infectious diseases. But if hygiene and nutrition are compromised even these vaccines cannot guard the baby against some infections.

So the mother needs to stay healthy and eat good nutritious food herself which will be a lesson for the baby to follow in the coming years too to stay hale and healthy and grow into a robust adult.

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