Inflammation of the vagina can result in itching of the area cause vaginitis and it can be painful. Discharge can also be there. Usually this is caused by infection or the imbalance of the vaginal bacteria. After menopause there will be less amount of estrogen level in the body and this can cause vaginitis says Dr. Garima Tyagi.

Dr. Garima Tyagi | Vaginitis

What are the symptoms of vaginitis then?

  • There will be a change and the amount of discharge, its color and its odor from the vagina.
  • There will be pain during intercourse
  • There will be pain during urination
  • There will be irritation and itching in the vagina
  • There may be vaginal bleeding and/or spotting

Some kind of skin disorders also can be the cause of vaginitis. There may be different kinds of vaginitis and among them the three are most common

Trichomoniasis is caused by a parasite and is transmitted by sexual intercourse. The symptoms of this are that there will be greenish yellow discharge or it may be frothy also sometimes due to this infection.

Yeast infection is usually caused by naturally occurring fungus candida albicans. The symptom of this kind of vaginitis is itching and there may be white thick discharge which may be like cottage cheese.

Bacterial infection results from the change in the balance of normal vaginal bacteria and these may overgrow other organisms. The symptoms are grayish white discharge that can be foul smelling. This will be obvious during intercourse.

So when you see some unusual discharge like mentioned above you need to see a specialist doctor like Dr Garima Tyagi, best gynaecologist in indirapuram. It is not advisable to self treat yourself in such cases with the advice of some non medical person. This may aggravate the problem and get chronic.

This may result into something serious and be risky for your health in some other ways. After seeing a gynecologist you can get it confirmed that the itching and discharge is due to vaginitis.

Such discharge and itching can be due to some other underlying disorder or malady. Vaginitis is treatable. If such itching and discharge is due to some other disease then you can take treatment for the same under the care of the gynecologist.

This can be prevented with using latex condom during sexual contact and also you should use cotton inner wear to be on the safer side.

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