prevent Vaginal Infection

“Some women face vaginal infection often in summer season because of sweaty and sticky body. Although, the infection can be cure through treatments but since, prevention is better than cure, women can take various habits in their daily schedule. These daily habits prevent vaginal infection” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is Gynecologist in Ghaziabad, practicing Gynecology at Shree Narayan Hospital over 20 years. Dr. Garima, specialist suggest distinguished activities to prevent vaginal infection.

1. Avoid Birth Control consisting Estrogen

Presence of estrogen in the body beyond a limit causes yeast to produce in the body. However, it is advisable to prefer the birth control which is estrogen free like IUD or prostrogene only pills. Also, Dr. Garima suggests communicating with your doctor once before switching your birth control pills.

2. Prefer Cotton Underwear

Women must prefer cotton under wears because yeast thrives or produce where there is moisture and warmth; women try to keep their reproductive part as dry as possible. Underwear made of synthetic nylon or fabric stuff prevents the lady part to go sticky or moisturized. Therefore, you must choose your under wear with care.

3. Avoid Scented Products

Scented feminine hygiene products like soap, oil, moisturizers are not at all good for your vagina because sometimes artificial chemicals present in these products result in production of yeast in the vagina. To avoid vagina infections one must not use scented products.

4. Clean with Care

Some women use rough practices to clean their vagina like douching which might cause irritation and results in imbalance in comfort in vagina. It is recommended to wash your lady part on regular basis with care and clean the insides folds of vagina almost every day because yeast take place there often. Also, remember not to use scented stuffs.

5. Sleep

Sleeping plays a significant role in operation of body and immune system, proper Immune system protect body from infections. One should get proper and restful sleep at night to avoid vagina infection by keeping the body functioning efficiently.

Dr. Garima says that all these solutions or tips are protective/safe and does not contain any side effects. Women should take care of vagina with care because it is the most delicate part and any kind of complication or infection in this part can lead to serious lifelong trouble.

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