Signs of Fit Pregnancy

The significant requirement of a fit and fine pregnancy is “A Fit and Fine Woman”, conversed Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is a well known Gynecologist in Ghaziabad. Dr Garima Tyagi practices Gynacology at Shri Narayana Hospital for a long time and handled innumerable of cases till now. Dr. Garima Tyagi’s opinion is that to acquire a fighting fit pregnancy being healthy is essential and provide signs of fighting fit  level pregnancy.


Signs of Fit Pregnancy


1. Constant blood pressure and normal level of sugar


Blood pressure and sugar plays essential role at the time of pregnancy and monitoring of these two factors is significant because usually blood pressure and sugar level fluctuates at the time of pregnancy and in first trimester often. Any kind of negative activity in blood pressure or sugar level can lead to complications in pregnancy.


2. The growth of Fetus


The growth rate of fetus arbitrates the health of fetus and checked through the weighting practice to the women through an ultrasound, less weight than the expecting weight indicates lack of oxygen in the womb and cause less growth of fetus and interrupts placenta officialization as well.


3. Boost in Weight


During pregnancy it is recommended to boost weight up to 13 to 15 kilos to woman for grasping a healthy pregnancy. Although, the weight gaining strategy is significant but if the woman is over-weighted it is either avoidable or comparatively less weight is asked to gain.


4. Hormones level


Progesterone and estrogen are the essential hormones which helps also in identifying if pregnancy is healthy or not. A healthy pregnant woman also produces nearly 400 mg of progesterone in comparison with unhealthy woman producing only 20mg. However, these hormones are significant as they keep the women from menstruating during pregnancy.


5. Belly growth


A doctor of pregnant woman must take measurements of the belly of woman. The growth of belly ensures development of baby and checking if growing at a healthy rate or not.


These were various factors that are noticed to ensure if the pregnancy is healthy or not. All these factors are considered significant. It also cannot be avoided because unhealthy pregnancy might cause trouble for future and also may result in lifelong health issues.

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