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“Pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and wonderful stage in every woman’s life. Taking care of self health for healthy birth of child is significant during the nine months of pregnancy. What mother eats contributes into the growth and development of child into the womb. However, some women always stay confused on what to or what not to eat during pregnancy reason being everything they crave to during pregnancy might not be good for health of the child” said Dr. Garima Tyagi. She is the best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad and has been practicing gynecology at Shree Narayan Hospital for over two decades.

  1. Staying hydrated

    Dehydration and hunger comes up to confuse pregnant women more often reason being every pregnant woman misunderstands dehydration with hunger. This confusion can lead the women to eat more causing nausea. However, staying hydrated during pregnancy is significant. Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “every woman should go for at least eight cups of water or healthy liquid drink per day in order to stay hydrated during pregnancy. It is healthy for child in the womb as well.”

  2. Stay stocked

    In pregnancy change in body, hormones and emotion is uncertain. You never know what kind of smell causes you to puke right at the moment or what kind of smell make you crave to eat. In this situation our best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad suggests “women should stay stocked during pregnancy. In other words, they should scarf down a entire cantaloupe, it leads vitamins A and C et supplied into your body.”

  3. Eat Frequently

    Overeating at a particular time may cause nausea during pregnancy. However, continuous hunger and craving are common during pregnancy, thus, it becomes confusing for some women to decide to eat in limit and prevent nausea or eat for health of the baby. In such as women are suggested to divide their meals into short period of time. In other words, instead of overeating at a particular point of time, they can go for short meals after regularly after short period of time.

  4. Carry snacks

    Being pregnant does not bound you to go from anywhere you want. However, food from outside may not have a good impact on child’s health. In order to prevent the child from such health problems, women are advised to carry snacks with them, wherever they go. In this way, they need not go for street food or restaurant risking the health of child.

Thus, this is an assortment of tips to be followed to maintain a good healthy diet during pregnancy. Dr. Garima suggested “pregnant women can demand for a diet schedule to her Gynecologist and follow it to maintain a balanced or healthy diet. It is significant for the proper growth of the child.”

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