Healthy Childbirth

“According to a survey it has concluded that 90% of the pregnant women try to take over the tips/techniques/remedies for preparing for a healthy childbirth but somehow fails, said Dr. Garima Tyagi. Further continuing, she added “women need to go for hundreds of techniques for a healthy childbirth; just number of them are enough. What is significant is how much they know about childbirth?” Thus, here are various tips for preparing for a healthy childbirth, by Dr. Garima Tyagi, Shree Narayan Hospital. She is one of the best Gynecologists in Ghaziabad and has been into the profession since 25 years holding specialties in high-risk pregnancy cases.

Here are the 4 Tips to Prepare for Healthy Childbirth

1. Gain strength and focus through Yoga

‘Yoga’ is one of most recommendable body movement exercise that Dr. Garima Tyagi recommends reason being yoga does not have any negative side effects over the physical or mental development of the child in the womb. The reason yoga is known to be effective for a healthy childbirth is that it provides power, strength and focus to the mother. Yoga strengthens the body of pregnant women. It makes it flexible which becomes a plus point while the woman is in labor. Moreover, boosts the stamina and gain focus, so that the mind can relax when need to.

2. Reduce Negativity

Dr. Garima Tyagi speaks “According to a psychological study, it has been proved that pregnant women who see negative stuff, be around violent pictures, reading catastrophic tales, or graphic pictures hold more probability of having a mental breakdown/block during labor. This happens because it affects the subconscious of the pregnant women. Thus, women are suggested to fix this kind of negative while in the period of pregnancy to avoid such risks.

3. Gain some Knowledge

It is too late to open the pregnancy or birthing books to open at the time of labor and know what is going to happen and how you are supposed to play your role. Thus, in order to have a healthy childbirth, women should go through various pregnancy books so that they may know how and what will actually happen in the labor room. Moreover, knowledge helps and makes labor easy and less time taking.

4. Get into position

Dr. Garima Tyagi tells “What freaks out every pregnant woman is when the baby moves up and down. This act of moving in the womb is a very normal situation. However, women need to know how to get back the baby into pelvis as it feels like a key into the lock.” Therefore, women should get into upright position for prevention of baby’s movement. This helps the baby to come out without any hierarchy during labor. This is an assortment of tips by Dr. Garima Tyagi to prepare for a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Garima Tyagi suggests “women should not even read or gain knowledge over labor and birth but also, after birth”. For making an appointment with Dr. Garima, you may visit best Gynecologist in Ghaziabad.

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