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An ultimate to-do list during pregnancy – During pregnancy, a miracle unfolds inside you. Your body’s changing, and your hormones are surging. But there are plenty of things you can do to make your journey as safe and enjoyable as possible and to prepare for what’s to come. They are as follows-

1. Read parenting books

• Make the journey a bit easier to manage by reading some of the best parenting books in the market.
• It prepares you for the best kind of upbringing for your child.

2. Listen to their stories from family members

• It is the best time to come close to your in-laws.
• Ask them to share their stories when they were pregnant.
• Learn from their experiences

3. Consult your gynecologist regularly

• Save an emergency contact number in your phone.
• Visit your gynecologist regularly.
• Share every problem with your doctor.
• Follow the instructions given by the doctor.

4. Make photo memories

• Having some professional photos would give lovely keepsakes of your pregnancy.
• Ask your spouse to take pictures of your growing belly every month or once every trimester.
• Share these with your child when it grows up.

5. Try scrapbooking

• A scrapbook can be the thing for you to record your pregnancy.
• A vacation you took during pregnancy.
• Ultrasound scan reports.
• A bill from the celebratory dinner with your husband when you found out you were pregnant.
• Month-by-month belly pictures.
• your scrapbook can contain anything and everything.

 An ultimate to-do list during pregnancy provided by Dr. Garima Tyagi. For any information Contact Dr. Garima Tyagi.

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