Dr. Garima Tyagi Weight Gain

Pregnancy is a time when all women have to take extra care of their health. Also, due care should be given to weight gain or loss. Usually, it is recommended by the gynecologist to gain weight during the pregnancy for a normal woman who is not obese.

But how much and when should the weight gain happen? Normally a woman may not know about the what is the amount she has to gain. Just going by some hearsay may be detrimental to your baby as well as you says Dr.Garima Tyagi.

Dr. Garima Tyagi Weight Gain

It is always advisable to know from your gynecologist about how much weight should be gained and when. The best gynecologist in Ghaziabad will give you the best of advice and follow it you will be able to stay healthy and also give birth to a healthy baby.

The health of the babe and the mother should be given priority during pregnancy feel the Top 5 Gynecologist in Indirapuram. It is their suggestion that not giving primary importance to health may bring more trouble to the mother during labor. A healthy baby will grow to be a strong individual but one that is underweight and is born with some health issues may have to suffer some kind of health issues all through life.

So the mother needs to follow the diet chart and the exercise regimen recommended by the gynecologist for the best of the health of the duo. The doctor will recommend only about 1-2 kg of weight gain during the first trimester. Then during the second trimester, the weight gain can be about 2 kg per month and a total average of about 5-6 kg during this period.

During the last trimester, not much weight gain is recommended. This weight gain depends on your BMI that is body mass index. So if you are underweight the nutritionist may advise a little more of weight gain against that for an overweight person.

Too much of weight gain may bring in complications during delivery and later too. it may become difficult to lose weight after the birth of the child if you gained too much weight.

So you should food that helps you gain weight and also has a high nutritional value and not junk food which may add only calories but may not really give the required nutrition for the proper growth of the fetus.

Eating fruit and vegetables and also eating frequent small portions is a better way to gain the required weight and also get the needed nutrients. When it is a must to gain weight it is also important to know how much to keep you and your babe healthy.

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