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Dr.garima tyagi

Avoid Following Age Old Myths For Happy Pregnancy And Safe Delivery.

Getting pregnant is the best thing that can happen to a married woman. Pregnancy is the phase when the women need to take care of themselves more than ever. This is because atRead More…

Healthy Childbirth

Tips to Prepare for a Healthy Childbirth | Dr. Garima Tyagi

“According to a survey it has concluded that 90% of the pregnant women try to take over the tips/techniques/remedies for preparing for a healthy childbirth but somehow fails, said Dr. Garima Tyagi. FurtherRead More…

dr garima tyagi

4 Risk Determinants of Infertility | Dr. Garima Tyagi

Infertility, the incapability of having  a child has been common problem since few years. The reason being the modern life style and regular exercising of few activities unaware of the fact that theyRead More…